Undoubtedly the most accessible activity for all ages, including families and senior citizens, trekking is an all-year-round activity with each of the four seasons offering an entirely different experience of the Maltese Islands. Autumn is the ideal time for trekking enthusiasts, with the temperate climate and red-orange sunsets of late summer you can watch the fishing boats returning from sea with their fresh catch during the fishing season.

During winter you will see farmers ploughing their land to sow seeds using traditional labour-intensive methods that were used in the past. In spring, you will find green and lush fields, meadows of thousands of wild flowers and farmers harvesting their crops. In summer the heat can be overpowering, so we take the opportunity to trek late in the evening when the air cools down and to enjoy the clear and star-studded skies over the Mediterranean Sea. Both in Malta and Gozo, trekking is a fantastic way to get in touch with the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the modern tourist spots. Other great spots to explore are Mellieha, Dingli, Ghar Lapsi and Wardija as well as in Gozo, where you can see the Gordan lighthouse, the San Blas Valley and Hondoq ir-Rummien.