Malta is a photographer’s paradise offering plenty of inspiration. Whether you aspire to capture dramatic scenes of the sea, rocky cliffs or a taste of lifestyle and history, the Islands are the destination for you. The Mediterranean weather offers several opportunities to be creative and expressive in your photography. From the crisp morning sunrise light to the shadows during sunset, Malta offers an incredible backdrop for stunning photography.

The culture and people, and the historical architecture will give you ample opportunities to invent many different combinations of photos. The Maltese lifestyle offers different angles and unexpected scenes so often sought after by photographers. Was your ISO setting too low for that evening picture of the village festa, or your shutter speed to slow for the night fireworks? Or maybe your aperture was too wide for that midday photo of the beach? Don’t worry, try again. The consistency Malta offers will give keen photographers the chance to get ‘the shot’ and the satisfaction from that perfect photo will quickly come back to warm up the cold winter back at home.