With some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands and archipelago have become a destination of choice for divers. The calm and warm waters offer excellent visibility and relative safety, which has made Malta a popular destination for first-time divers and beginners. However, more experienced and adventurous divers will find plenty of challenging dives to choose from. With its natural deep harbours, secluded bays, sheltered creeks, cliffs, reefs and wartime wrecks, Malta offers amazing sights below the surface.

The World War II planes and ship wrecks, the Statue of Our Lady, the Coral Cave in Gozo and the stunning Santa Maria Caves in Comino are among some of the favourite sites and boast a beautiful mix of underwater life making the Islands a unique dive destination. Thanks to our sunny weather visibility is more than 30 metres, establishing Malta and Gozo as a dream destination for also underwater photographers. For divers looking for a heavier dose of adrenaline, a night dive or a deep dive down to 40 metres will provide a great experience in a new dimension of colours that appear almost fluorescent by torchlight.