The Maltese Islands have a rich historical and cultural heritage. For thousands of years, the islands of Malta have been invaded, explored, inhabited and claimed by a multitude of civilisations. The local culture is the result of the many different societies that came in contact with the Maltese Islands throughout history, including cultures of neighbouring countries and nations that ruled Malta for many centuries.

There are locations on the islands that were of great strategic importance and were conquered and lost on various occasions. The abundance of magnificent archaeological ruins left behind proves their significance. As a result, these traditions, beliefs and practices and the ruling of different societies over time, the Maltese culture has also incorporated the linguistic and ethnic admixture that defines who the Maltese people are today.

This heritage makes the country a paradise for history and culture lovers, while serving as a great backdrop for any type of visit to Malta. We can provide you with cultural sightseeing packages and excursions, which include visits to sights and areas of special interest such as the most important and famous churches, museums and galleries, restaurants and wine estates, old medieval cities and informative cruises around our beautiful harbours.