Leisure & Special Interest


Vacations Malta Ltd is a front-runner when it comes to Leisure and Special Interest Groups, with our tailor-made packages created in accordance to the client’s wishes and budget. These vary from specialised groups that will visit simply to admire and view our rich culture and history, to educational youth programmes and sports- and religious-oriented itineraries.

We also cater for a range of activities, be it a visit to some of our most beautiful churches and temples, wine tastings at traditional estates, sampling local delicacies in a tranquil venue or spending a morning or a full day kayaking or diving in our amazing crystal clear Mediterranean waters. We can also diversify into other sectors, such as garden programmes, photography and bird- and nature-watching. We are fully committed to offering and providing you with the best possible options, ideas and support while together we will create a package to meet and exceed your expectations.